Don't eat vegetables or dairy products from Fleurus

29th August 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Belgian interior ministry warns residents of Fleurus not to eat vegetables or consume dairy products from the area after detecting higher levels of radiation.

29 August 2008

FLEURUS -- Residents of four municipalities in Hainaut province have been advised by the Belgian interior ministry not to eat leaf vegetables grown from their gardens or consume dairy products produced in the area. .

The warning comes in the aftermath of a radioactive iodine leak from the Wanfercée-Baulet nuclear facility earlier this week. The ministry’s warning comes after higher than normal levels of radiation were found in grass samples taken from the vicinity of the nuclear facility.

Measurements taken directly after the iodine leak revealed no increase in radiation levels around the site.

However, radiation levels in fresh grass samples taken on Thursday are a cause for concern. Fresh samples are currently being analysed and a new meeting will be held to decide if further measures need to be taken as soon as results are known.

Until then, there is currently no need for local residents to be issued with iodine pills, said Karina De Beule of the Federal Nuclear Control Agency (FNCA).

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