Dollar millionaires in Belgium up to 72,000

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The number of dollar millionaires in Belgium has increased from 68,000 to 72,000 in 2007.

25 June 2008

BELGIUM - The number of Belgian dollar millionaires rose in 2007 from 68,000 to 72,000, reveals annual World Wealth Report by Merrill Lunch and Capgemini.

According to the annual World Wealth Report calculations, the number of dollar millionaires in Belgium rose by over 5 percent in 2007.

World-wide the number of dollar millionaires rose by 8.8 percent to a total of some 10.1 million. On average the dollar millionaires possess about USD 4 million each.

The largest growth of dollar millionaires was seen in India, China and Brazil. Also in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America the number of dollar millionaires increased considerably.

Many of the new millionaires profited from the sharp increase in energy and resource prices. Noteworthy is that many of the millionaires invest considerable amounts in the environment and green energy.

There are regional differences here- wealthy people in the Middle East and Europe tend to be concerned about the environment more than wealthy people in North America.

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