Doctors place E. coli Belgian boy in intensive care

24th June 2011, Comments 1 comment

Doctors placed a four-year-old boy in intensive care after contracting a strain of E. coli from a dish of raw meat, Belgian health authorities said on Friday.

The boy is receiving treatment in Verviers, eastern Belgium, an official with the regional health ministry for Wallonia and Brussels told national media.

The bacteria is not the same strain as that blamed for 43 deaths in neighbouring Germany, Fadila Laanan added.

The E157 strain involved here infects some 50-odd people each year in Belgium.

Experts are working to identify the origin of the contamination, looking specifically at ingredients used in the preparation of steak tartare, or raw minced beef, served to the boy. Investigators are also checking the source of the meat.

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  • Pat Peppard posted:

    on 26th June 2011, 22:03:45 - Reply

    I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often as a result of the Belgians' filthy habit of eating their so-called "Americain" - their name for their beloved raw minced steak, which you can often see them positively slurping down themselves from sandwiches, on their dirty streets. It's one of the Belgians' many filthy and stupid practices (letting their dogs leave their excrement everywhere and anywhere being another one), but to feed a four-year-old with it seems particularly crass and vile, even by Belgian standards. No wonder just about everyone who has to go there to work in the international institutions thinks that Belgium is the cesspit of Europe (beautiful, clean Flanders excluded - but then that's why more and more Flemish are wanting to leave the Belgian stinkhole).