Concert for Art in All of Us

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Bai KAMARA Jr & Band

Concert: Friday 28 November 2008
Art in All of Us is a not-for-profit organization based in Belgium that works with children from around the globe promoting cultural tolerance through artistic communication. Our mission is to inspire children across borders to build a tolerant world for tomorrow.

Our curriculum promotes cultural awareness by exploring topics like geography, art, and ethnicity through interactive activities that foster creativity.

Over 12,000 children from 178 countries have participated to these activities initiated by Anthony Asael and Stephanie Rabemiafara, international photographers and founder of the organization.

On Friday 28th November 2008, the well-known Belgian artist Bai KAMARA Jr & Band will give a special Concert at the Centre Culturel de Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, avenue Charles Thielemans 93 – 1150 Brussels. The benefits of this evening will be used to support the programs of our organization.

Bai Kamara Jr, singer-songwriter, born in Sierra Leone, describes his music as having a basis in soul with jazz and blues wrapped around it.

“Know your World”
The opening of the new exhibition “Know your World” by international photographers Anthony Asael and Stephanie Rabemiafara will also take place during the evening. Unique photographs from 40 countries will be featured travelling from Kyrgyzstan to Sudan going through Iceland or Brazil.

"Every child deserves the right and access to any art form as it is and expression of freedom and imagination."
Bai Kamara Jr

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