"Close some of the Walloon roads"

7th January 2008, Comments 0 comments

The road network in Wallonia is poor condition concludes of a report by the State Audit Office.

7 January 2008 - The road network in Wallonia is poor condition. Further, there is not enough money to maintain the roads. This is the conclusion of a report by the State Audit Office.

The State Audit Office is scathing in its criticism of the Walloon road network. In the report, it states that some roads should be closed because they are in hazardously poor condition. According to the State Audit Office much of the problem can be attributed to inefficient management and policy. There is apparently no strategy to tackle problems and communication with the local authorities seems to leave much to be desired. (Belga) Furthermore, the budget that the Walloon region earmarks for the road and highway network is much too low. This makes it impossible to carry out the maintenance work that is so sorely needed and planned works often need to be postponed.

This is not the first time that the State Audit Office is criticising the Walloon road network. The management of the Walloon highways and roads is a competency of Michel Daerden (photo) of the Francophone socialist part PS.

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