Changes to UK Border Agency Operations in Belgium

2nd December 2010, Comments 0 comments

Here is a message from the British Consulate General concerning important changes to visa operations in Belgium.

The UK Border Agency – like all parts of the UK Government – has to make a contribution towards reducing the public deficit.  As part of our efficiency programme we plan to reduce the number of overseas visa posts and repatriate more visa work to the UK. In the European and Mediterranean region we are concentrating first of all on those operations where we are able to restructure our current model whilst still meeting customer service targets. Brussels is one of these – alongside Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Lisbon and Geneva.

The UK Border Agency Visa Services Department currently located at Ave des Nerviens 9-31 Nerviërslaan , 1040 Etterbeek, will permanently close to members of the public on 3 December 2010.   

From this date all applicants wishing to apply for UK Visas will need to travel to Paris to submit their applications via our Commercial Partner Offices – Worldbridge Services located in Asnieres sur Seine, Paris, France.  

Instructions on how to submit future applications are contained in the attached Notice.  Further information can also be found on the following website:

Please note that if you are travelling for Business purposes, you may need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa depending on the type of business you are going for.  Further information on this category can be found by accessing this link.

For added flexibility and convenience, we also offer long term visas of 1, 2, 5 and 10 year validity.  Long term visas are perfect for regular business visitors.  They offer:

Flexibility – they offer multiple visits to the UK within the long validity of the visa.
Convenience – one visa application and one visit to a Visa Application Centre to provide your biometric data for the entire validity of the visa.
Value for Money – as a very regular traveller to the UK, it will be cheaper to hold a long term visa than a succession of short term visas.
If you are a frequent traveller to the UK, then you should consider applying for one of UKBA’s visa services long term visas.

It is important that you are able to demonstrate that:

You have travelled frequently to the UK and/or other destinations such as Australia, Canada or US, over a long period of time;
You have a continuing need to travel to the UK, such as family links or an established business connection;
Your personal circumstances are unlikely to change significantly during the validity of the visa and;
You have not been refused a visa, refused entry or been removed from a country on your last visit.

Please note the following before applying for a long term visa:

Applying and paying the fee for a long term visa does not guarantee that you will be issued with the visa you have requested.  The final decision is made by the Visa Officer.  
UKBA Visa Services reserve the right to issue visas of a shorter validity when they consider this to be appropriate
In the event that you are not issued with the length of visa requested you will not be refunded the difference in fees.  Please do not apply for a longer term visa unless you are confident that you qualify. However, if you apply as a general visitor you are not able to visit the UK for Business purposes.

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