CHS 40th Anniversary Conference: Far from home, challenges to mental health

20th October 2009, Comments 0 comments

Saturday 21 November, 2pm, ULB Solbosch Campus, Auditorium H. 1301

For the past forty years, Community Help Service has been answering the needs of the English-speaking population of Brussels in terms of therapy and psychological testing with its Mental Help Centre, and in terms of crisis, support and information, thanks to its 24/7 Help Line. 

This special moment in CHS history will be an excellent opportunity for a clinical conference. We have the opportunity to outline some of the difficulties people can meet in their complex expatriate lives. 

These include all the problems anyone can encounter (divorce, loss by death, illness in the family, developmental or other problems in children, burnout etc.), all made worse by the distance from one’s country of origin, language, points of reference,  and support network. 

At CHS, we try to bridge the gap by using English, a language people can often speak better than any of the local languages. 

Two guest speakers will address the audience at this 40th Anniversary Conference:

- Professor Luc Moyson, in charge of the Psychoanalytical Adolescent Crisis Unit at UC St Josef in Kortenberg will give us some insight into what brings some teenagers to explode in outbursts of rage. His talk “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” will illustrate, with some transformed clinical vignettes, the problem of Narcissistic Rage. 

- Professor Johan Vanderlinden, responsible for the treatment of Eating Disorders, in a Cognitive Behavioural approach, at the same hospital, will cover this widespread condition. 

We see these talks as very interesting for the many professionals (doctors, therapists, school nurses etc.) who work in these fields, but also for anyone in the general public who wants to take advantage of an opportunity to hear about these issues in English.

Over the last forty years, CHS has carried out its tasks without any form of public funding, and the Help Line has always been free of charge. We are asking for a contribution of EUR 25 to help meet the conference costs to be made by bank transfer to the CHS account: 438- 8135291-15. Tickets will also be available on the day, but within the seating possibilities.

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