Brussels restaurant ordered to remove Tintin memorabilia

19th October 2011, Comments 1 comment

A Brussels restaurant stuffed with Tintin memorabilia has been ordered by heirs of the comic book hero to remove scores of items honouring the boy reporter with the quiff.

Days before the release of Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie on Tintin, a national icon in Belgium, Bob Delvigne told AFP he had been ordered to remove "fake" objects, amounting to 80 percent of the items decorating his restaurant.

The order came from Moulinsart SA, the company that manages copyright for the heirs of Tintin author, Herge.

Moulinsart is headed by Briton Nick Rodwell, second husband of Herge's widow Fanny Vlamynck.

Rodwell has angered Belgian lovers of the cartoon hero as well as other Tintinophiles for restricting the use of Tintin's image in order to refocus the brand in line with his belief that "Tintin is the Rolls Royce of comic books".

Delvigne's Faubourg Saint-Antoine is a small brasserie in Brussels' quiet Schaerbeek district whose windows and walls since 1991 have been covered in pictures and objects depicting Tintin and his faithful foul-mouthed companion, Captain Haddock.

"I have almost 200 pieces found in shops, street auctions or that were given to me as presents," said Delvigne, who added he had been "flabbergasted" on receiving the letter from Moulinsart in August to remove the items.

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