Brussels public transport halted after staff attack

7th April 2012, Comments 2 comments

The public transport authority in Brussels halted all buses, trams and metro trains in the Belgian capital Saturday after a controller was "beaten to death" following a traffic accident.

Spokeswoman Francoise Ledune said the controller, aged 56, was in critical condition in hospital but another authority source said he was clinically dead.

Ledune said the controller was attacked after he was called to the scene of an accident between a bus and a private car early Saturday.

She said he was hit on the head by a friend of the car driver. His assailants then fled.

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2 Comments To This Article

  • dfgt posted:

    on 8th April 2012, 23:40:10 - Reply

    this is the stoiry of muslims in europe - pathetic loosing scum that can only murder to lift their pathetic self esteem. Wonder how the twits in Brussels will react to this mans murder.
  • EVM posted:

    on 7th April 2012, 18:10:01 - Reply

    He died. After having worked for MIVB for 29 years! 8 months away from his retirement and leaving 2 children behind. Because of what? Because of thugs that the politicians don't do anything about because they are scared they will lose votes.

    So typical Brussels; the 3rd most violent city in the EU. Why the European Union has its main base of operation here startles me!

    I think this deserves more than an article that talks about "a guy being 'attacked' and expats deserve to know how dangerous this town is.