Brussels kidnapping ends without bloodshed

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19 August 2005, BRUSSELS — The kidnapping of two women in a Brussels apartment near Central Station has ended without bloodshed some 33 hours after it started.

19 August 2005

BRUSSELS — The kidnapping of two women in a Brussels apartment near Central Station has ended without bloodshed some 33 hours after it started.

The special intervention squad SIE overpowered the kidnapper shortly before 4am on Friday. The two hostages were rescued without injury and are in good health.

Gangster Farid Bamouhammad, 37, alias Farid le Fou, kidnapped his former mother-in-law Sylvia H., 46, for the second time in five years at about 6pm on Wednesday night and her daughter Christelle S. B, 24.

Bamouhammad — who was granted leave from prison to visit his nine-year-old daughter — was allegedly angered because she did not want to see him. The kidnapping was deadlocked on Thursday night.
The women then appeared several times alone at the window of the apartment at about 1am. They opened the window and called out to police officers.

The SIE squad then readied itself to raid the apartment by equipping itself, but the women were impatient and closed the window again.

Members of the SIE squad approached the building several minutes later along the Kunstberg side, while the rest of the team remained at the ready in the corner of the street on the Grand Place side.

However, the two women apparently couldn't wait and had shut the window a second time.

The SIE than raided the apartment at about 3.30am. Some 20 officers entered the café Albertine via the ground floor, while a vehicle with a ladder followed them.
Another six officers entered the apartment above the café using the vehicle's ladder that was placed against the first floor window.

No shots or explosives were heard. After several minutes, an ambulance arrived and departed again after about a minute.

The kidnapper was arrested and will appear before a Brussels Court judge.

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