Brussels Central station killer goes on trial

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Adam G. went on trial on Monday for robbery with murder of 17-year-old Joe Van Holsbeeck.

16 September 2008

BRUSSELS -- Adam G. went on trial at Assize Court in Brussels Monday for the stabbing murder of 17-year-old Joe Van Holsbeeck at Brussels Central station in April 2006.

The then 17-year-old polish teenager stabbed Van Holsbeeck while stealing his mp3 player at Brussels Central station. Adam was accompanied by his friend, Mariusz O., 16.

Adam had travelled to Belgium from Poland after getting into a fight with his parents about his gypsy girlfriend. He was looking for an apartment in Brussels for his girlfriend and him when he called his friend Mariusz based in Brussels for help.

One day, the two youngsters were looking for potential victims to rob from when they spotted Van Holsbeeckand his friend Gil at the central station listening to the former's mp3 players.

Adam and Mariusz approached the two boys and asked for directions. While Gil was giving the directions, Mariusz tried to grab the mp3 player from Joe who put up a fight. Adam stabbed Van Holsbeeck several times before they fled the scene.

Police immediately launched an investigation and combed through hundreds of hours of footage from the security cameras at the central station. The breakthrough came 12 days later when pictures of the boys were shown to the various Francophone schools in Brussels.  One of the teachers recognised Mariusz.

Mariusz was arrested the same day and confessed to robbery. He claimed however that it was Adam who was responsible for the deadly knife stabs.

When Adam was questioned, he confessed to the murder, but said he had no intention of killing Joe. He said that he got scared when Joe grabbed him and had pulled out his knife because he panicked.

Psychiatrists who had questioned Adam conceded that this is possible.

On trial for robbery resulting in murder
A juvenile court judge had ruled earlier that Adam, 19, should be tried as an adult.

Mariusz has been sentenced by the juvenile judge to stay in a closed youth institution until he is 20 years old.

The judge ruled that he saw no sense in trying to rehabilitate Adam as he already has a criminal record and had been involved in theft and in violent robbery.

Because Adam was a minor at the time of the murder, he will not be handed out a life sentence. He can be sentenced to jail for a maximum of 30 years.

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