British warshipbeing dismantled in Ghent

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The Fearless is a British warship that served in the Falkland wars.

9 January - The Fearless is a British warship that served, among other places, in the Falkland wars. The ship is in the port of Ghent where dismantling has begun by a Belgian firm which will also recycle the material.

The fearless is a British warship that survived the Falkland war - the war between the UK and Argentina during the early 1980's.

The Fearless also featured in the James Bond film 'The spy who loved me'.

The ship contains asbestos.  A Belgian company has begun the dismantling of  the warship.

It will be an ecological demolition.  The ship weighs some 7000 tons.  99% of the ship can easily be recycled.  

The dismantling is expected to be finished by the end of the year and then the scrap metal can be sold. Another chapter in maritime history closes with the end of almost 40 years of faithful service by the Fearless.

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