Brazil sends students out into the world

7th June 2012, Comments 0 comments

Emerging country Brazil is geared to send its best students to knowledge centres throughout the world with 75 000 study bursaries and more than 1 billion euros. Thirty rectors from Brazilian universities are currently touring in Belgium and visited the Hasselt University yesterday. “We represent a number of federated state and municipal universities with a total student number of 700 000,” says rector of health sciences at the Alagoas University in Northeastern Brazil, Rozangela Wyszomirska. ‘We have already visited Antwerp, Ghent and Louvain-la-Neuve, and today we will get to know the University of Hasselt. Our reception in Belgium has been exceptionally warm and the quality of your education is high. We look forward to a fruitful scientific partnership, especially in the biomedical and high-tech sectors.” On the initiative of President Dilma Rousseff and in collaboration with the biggest scientific advisory bodies of the country, the Ciência sem Fronteiras /Science without Borders was established. With a budget of more than 1 billion euro and 75 000 bursaries, plus an additional 26 000 awarded by the Brazilian private sector, this is by far the most generous state fund for promising young academics in the world. In this way Brazil wants to send 100 000 students to centres of excellence abroad to meet the needs of Brazilian businesses. The Belgian embassy in Brazil moved heaven and earth to bring the rectors, as members of the umbrella organisation Abreum, to the country. The bilateral partnering forms part of the agreement signed in March between the Flemish Inter-university Council VLIR and the Brazilian Flamenco, the organisation for mobility in higher education. Flanders will take in about thirty Brazilian bursary students, 70 PhD students, 50 post-doctorate students and many university students in additional categories. In a second phase Flemish students will study in Brazil.

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