Boonen says his drink was spiked

17th June 2008, Comments 5 comments

The Belgian cyclist, who tested positive for cocaine, protests his innocence and claims that the drug was put into his drink in a bar.

17 June 2008

BRUSSELS - Belgian cyclist Tom Boonen on Monday protested his innocence again over a positive doping test for cocaine, reportedly telling prosecutors that the drug was put into his drink in a bar.

The Gazet de Antwerpen paper said that the 2005 world champion Boonen told prosecutors in Turnhout that he went to a bar in his home town of Mol to have a few drinks with his girlfriend. He said he then felt sick and went home.

Boonen tested positive for traces of cocaine at an out-of- competition test on 25 May. He doesn't face sanctions from the ruling body UCI because it rates cocaine abuse only a doping offence at competitions.

[dpa / Expatica]

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  • Cipone posted:

    on 17th June 2008, 15:09:25 - Reply

    it's really easy to accuse people who are in the spotlight. at the same time it's very difficult for them to prove if they are innocent.
    It's not a good situation to be in ..
  • Jim Steele posted:

    on 17th June 2008, 15:06:32 - Reply

    Lets get real here folks.
    Tom's image would ascend in the views of the world of bike racing by admitting he screwed up.
    Stop with the excuses already. This silly plea is not going to work.
    Tom, as much as I like you, you are done like dinner old sock.
  • Cipone posted:

    on 17th June 2008, 10:53:20 - Reply

    could very well be true .. there are a lot of passions involved in high performance sporting so maybe someone just wanted to make Tom lose it all.