Belgium's Queen Fabiola hits back in allowance row

10th January 2013, Comments 3 comments

Queen Fabiola of Belgium, the elderly widow of King Baudouin at the centre of a royal row over her yearly allowance, on Thursday denied she was planning to bequeath public monies to relatives and the church.

"In no way did I ever plan nor do I plan to put money from the stipend into the foundation," she said in a rare statement after coming under heavy attack from the media, the public and politicians for allegedly creating a foundation to help her nephews and nieces and Catholic charities on her death.

Paid a yearly stipend of around 1.4 million euros since Baudouin's death in 1993, critics claimed the frail 84-year-old -- born Fabiola de Mora y Aragon to a Spanish count and countess -- was planning to funnel the funds to relatives via the foundation set up in September.

Its statutes however clearly state that the childless queen's nieces and nephews can only receive financial aid "for a limited period" and on condition of facing "serious physical, material, psychological or moral difficulties."

"All the money from the stipend is used on the expenses of my home, the main item being the wages of the staff," she wrote in the statement released by her lawyer.

Cash for the foundation stemmed from her own resources, she added, "property and art works that I carefully kept until today" that she and and her brothers inherited between the two world wars from a members of her father's family.

None of her Spanish relatives had ever been beneficiaries of Baudouin's estate, she added.

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  • Bill posted:

    on 23rd January 2013, 16:56:32 - Reply

    ROTFLMA!! ;-)) I love it! What's the title of that book?!
  • bubbah posted:

    on 17th January 2013, 00:15:45 - Reply

    wachit, bill ...these people are well connected ...look at what they did to that poor guy who brought out a tell-all book about the current rogues in the belgian court of jesters ...he had to skedaddle to france to save his neck ...these characters are capable of saying; "kill bill"
  • Bill posted:

    on 16th January 2013, 21:55:39 - Reply

    There is a solution to this.. Stop paying salaries to royalty just for being royalty. [Edited by moderator] put the money into something that actually helps real and now...