Belgium ups its position on world ranking list of innovative countries

4th July 2012, Comments 0 comments

Switzerland remains the world’s number one country as far as innovation is concerned, a survey conducted by the Paris-based business school Insead indicates. Belgium has upped its ranking by four positions from position 24 to  20. Insead researchers focus on two key indicators: the degree to which a country can renew itself through exceptional infrastructure and quality education, and how this is physically translated into economic productivity, scientific achievements or cultural excellence. Belgium ranks high in the field of education and scientific standing. Finland moved up one position to number 4 this year and the Netherlands scored significantly well at number six. Other countries that made it to the top 10 are Sweden at 2, Singapore at 3, the United Kingdom at 5, Denmark at 7, Hong Kong at 8 and the United States at 10. Belgium’s biggest neighbours disappointed slightly, with Germany earning 15th place and France 24th. Insead compiled the list in collaboration with the intellectual property watchdog, the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

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