Belgium police detain Islamists over harassment

28th December 2011, Comments 1 comment

Belgian police on Wednesday detained 15 members of a radical Islamic group after they harassed passers-by in the city of Antwerp and shouted anti-Western slogans, police said.

The Sharia4Belgium militants distributed leaflets glorifying Islam and criticizing the Western way of life in a central street of the northern port city, Belga news agency quoted a police spokeswoman as saying.

"Organisers had made no request for a demonstration, which was therefore not authorised," said the spokeswoman.

"When officers asked the demonstrators to identify themselves they refused," she added. "This led to skirmishes but no one was injured."

The group was detained for causing a public disturbance and taken to a police station for identification and questioning.

They were expected to be released later Wednesday.

Sharia4Belgium wants Islamic law to be introduced in Belgium, whose second city of 480,000 inhabitants has a large Muslim community, mainly from Turkey and Morocco, and one of Europe's biggest Jewish Orthodox communities.

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  • Stuart Parsons posted:

    on 16th January 2012, 22:44:07 - Reply

    Don't these Beligian police realise they have upset Allah and His Prophet and Messenger. Do they not know that now they are destined for Hell where their skin will be repeatedly burbned off while they drink molten brass. Quran 4:56 and 18:29