Belgium Press Review: 21November 2008

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Highlights of the latest news in the Belgian press, including police officers who were sent to the scene of burglary in Ixelles and finished off the job themselves.

Police officers burgle bookshop
Le Soir Online; 20 November 2008
(in French),
Several minutes after a break-in at an Ixelles bookshop, police officers « put the finishing touches to the job » by stealing pornographic materiel and going through the till. Guido Van Wymersch, head of the Brussels zone, transferred them but refused to suspend them.

The story began as a run of the mill robbery. On 29 October, around four in the morning, a bookshop on avenue de la Couronne was broken into.

Banal so far, apart from the fact that the shop’s CCTV camera captured images, exactly 13 minutes later, showing that, after the two robbers had fled, police officers sent to the scene put the finishing touches to the break-in. They were from an anti-aggression patrol, a brigade that uses black cars and wears civilian clothes.

The images show one of the officers going through the till, helping himself to takings and stealing magazines and pornographic DVDs and then ransacking the shop.

Valérie Van Bockstaele, the shop owner, said, “When I saw the images, I thought the robbers had come back again.”

Morel (Vlaams Belang) accuses Verstrepen (LDD) of fraudulent love e-mails with Vanhecke
De Morgen Thursday 20 November 2008 p.8
The weekly news magazine Knack this week published e-mails between Marie-Rose Morel and Frank Vanhecke, both top politicians of the extreme rightist party Vlaams Belang, which reveal a love affair between them. According to De Morgen the relationship between Morel and Vanhecke had indirectly been the reason Vanhecke had resigned as party chairman last year. Morel and Vanhecke steadfastly denied that they had an amorous relationship. According to Morel and Vanhecke, the e-mails are forged and are being used as proof in the divorce and custody fight in which Morel is currently involved.

Knack also reported on the love nest of Vanhecke and Morel in a Brussels house of the former member of Parliament Carl Lang of the Front National. In the e-mail correspondence the Antwerp VB head Philip Dewinter was given the pet name Lucifer, while Morel used to sign with 88, (HH) a symbol for Heil Hitler. Morel is now accusing the Flemish Parliamentarian Jurgen Verstrepen, who left Vlaams Belang for LDD, of having set up in cahoots with her ex-husband a entire campaign against her. Verstrepen denied having anything to do with the e-mails: “Morel and Vanhecke seemingly prefer to put all the blame on me in order not to have to search in their own party”.

Sources; Le Soir Online,

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