"Belgians had links with Al-Qaeda"

27th July 2009, Comments 0 comments

In the United States a witness has said that the group of Muslim fundamentalists detained in Brussels last year had ties with Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda.

Last year the police detained 14 suspects in Brussels and Liège. They included Malika El Aroud, the widow of one of the killers of the Afghan warlord Ahmad Shah Massood.

Five of those detained are still in custody. It is understood that their activities were responsible for Belgium heightening its level of terror alert in 2007.

The suspects deny they planned any atrocities, but Belgian authorities give little credence to their assertions.

A suspect detained in the US last year has confessed that he attended training camps in the borderlands between Afghanistan and Pakistan together with members of this Belgian group.

The trainees learnt how to handle explosives and met leaders of Al-Qaeda.

Belgian detectives have travelled to the US to speak with this individual whose testimony is expected to be crucial, if convictions are to be obtained.


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