Belgians fined in France for carrying pre-1989 driving licence

23rd June 2008, Comments 0 comments

A substantial number of Belgians that travelled to France recently were fined for carrying a driving licence that was issued before 1989.

23 June 2008

BELGIUM - According to the Francophone daily Vers L’Avenir, a substantial number of Belgians that recently travelled to France were fined for carrying a driving licence that was issued before 1989.

According to the daily, Belgians driving through France risk fines of up to EUR 250 if failing to produce a new European driving licence.

“Driving licences that predate 1989 have been perforated to indicate their category. The system is quite simple, documents that received a hole through the letter C are also valid for the categories A and B,” Federal Mobility Minister Etienne Schouppe (Flemish Christian democrat) explains.

“But the French gendarmerie interpret it differently and assume that driving licences that carry a hole through the B, don’t allow you to also drive a category A vehicle,” Schouppe says.

Belgium has already informed the French police of the matter but the problem has not yet been solved.

Belgians travelling to France by car are advised to swap their old driving licence for a new copy before setting off. A brief visit to the town hall and on average EUR 16 will do the trick.

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