Belgian uses Twitter name as official signature

20th May 2014, Comments 0 comments

Applying for a new Belgian ID card and use your Twitter account as a signature: is this possible? Michiel Sallaets tried it out, and found out it actually is.

Signing an official document using your Twitter account name is not against the law.

Has Michiel Sallaets set a first?

After successfully applying for a new Belgian ID card using his Twitter account name @chimiel, he posted a picture of his new ID card on social media, receiving a lot of reactions.

Michiel Sallaets works as a communications manager at a social investment company.

After he noticed that the line between online and offline communication is becoming thinner, he had the idea of signing his new ID card with his Twitter name.

Mr Sallaets first did some research into what is possible and what not, but he didn't come across any regulations banning that type of signature.

"I wanted to set a first, and I wanted to know what the general public thinks about this particular type of signature."

Reactions came quick on Twitter and Facebook.

But what about the municipality where he applied for his passport?

"They didn't say anything when I put my signature or when I came to fetch the card." / Expatica

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