Belgian soldiers under attack in Afghanistan

11th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

In Afghanistan a car bomb exploded as a convoy of Belgian soldiers drove past. The seven Belgian soldiers were unharmed, as were the Afghan soldiers in the convoy.

The perpetrator of the attack was killed.

The suicide car bombing took place on Monday near the city of Kunduz. A contingency of Belgian soldiers are in Afghanistan under NATO command.

"The car with the bomb approached the convoy, consisting of Afghan soldiers and two Belgian armoured vans, and exploded at around 7.15am”, said the Belgian defence department spokeswoman Ingrid Baeck. 

"The vehicles have been damaged, but the soldiers were able to complete their mission because none of the seven Belgians were injured," added Ms Baeck. 

The seven soldiers are undergoing medical examination. Some of them were shocked by the attack and are receiving psychological support.

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