Belgian news in brief, 5 September 2006

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Co-custody the norm in divorce

Co-custody the norm in divorce

A judge must in future give priority to co-parenthood in divorces. The recommendation was passed into law on Monday. A child of separated parents can in future spend as much time with their father as their mother. Up until now, in 80 percent of cases, the mother was awarded custody of the child.

Farmers in bluetongue protest

Hundreds of Wallonian farmers demonstrated in Liège on Monday against the measures imposed by the government against the bluetongue disease. Prior to the protest, a delegation of farmers met with Wallonian Agriculture Minister Benoit Lütgen. Farmers are opposed to the transport ban on livestock, claiming that it's costing them income. They also claim the measure is excessive because the disease is not dangerous for humans and cattle don't die from the virus like sheep do.

Cycle paths in poor condition

Cycle paths in Flanders are in need of repair, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Cyclists Association (Fietsersbond) said on Tuesday. The joint study found cycle paths are in a worse condition than the main road running alongside it. The researchers said poor condition of cycle paths has a negative impact on safety and comfort.

Police officer suspended for indecency

A 36-year-old Brussels police officer has been suspended from active duty after being caught masturbating in his police car in a Schaarbeek (Schaerbeek) street. The officer had parked his car in front of one of the area's many prostitution windows. One prostitute rang police. The officer might now be formally discharged for the force.

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