Belgian news in brief, 26 July 2005

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Belgium to the rescue of Lonsdale

Belgium to the rescue of Lonsdale

Belgium could soon be the rescue of the British clothing brand Lonsdale, now associated with right-wing youths and racism. Tom Van Daele from the Belgian advertising bureau Duval Guillaum is organising a competition for 80 young advertising makers. The contestants will be pitted against each other for the newcreatives award and the winning campaign will be seen across Europe starting in September. Van Daele said it will not be an anti-extreme right campaign, but one that will emphasise the positive elements of the Lonsdale brand.

Insurance to help pregnant smokers quit

Pregnant women who want to stop smoking can soon claim their efforts on health insurance. An expectant mother who undergoes a treatment of eight sessions can expect a fixed payment of EUR 120. The same applies to the woman's partner, who can claim EUR 55 for a course of medication. However, the government health insurance institute RIZIV-INAMI has criticised the plan, saying it will cost EUR 3 million per year. It also said it was discriminatory to other drug addicts.
Reprieve offered for software pirates

People who get caught with illegal copies of films or games can expect a one-off reprieve. The culprits will be forced to sign an anti-piracy declaration, akin to 'never-again' statement. In the footsteps of the Netherlands, the concept will also be introduced by the Belgian Anti-Piracy Foundation (Baf). Baf said courts will be able to quickly process new crimes because it will involve a breach of contract. The scheme is targeted at debut pirates, youths and minor cases.

Record number of Ghent festival goers

The 162nd edition of the Ghent Festival attracted nearly 2 million visitors a new record. Between 1.5 and 1.7 million people visited the festival in 2004, but organisers believe 10 percent extra people visited the Flemish city this year. The number of tickets sold for paying performances rose by 30 percent, while hotels, restaurants and cafés also enjoyed a profitable festival, which ended on Monday.

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