Belgian news in brief, 25 July 2006

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Minister urges Zaventem's closure

Minister urges Zaventem's closure

To end the ongoing noise pollution conflict around Zaventem Airport, Flemish Sports Minister Bert Anciaux has proposed closing the airport and converting it into a mega sports complex. As an alternative, he suggested transforming the military airbase of Bevekom into a commercial airport. The former federal transport minister does not foresee a quick end to the Zaventem dispute and believes the more remote Bevekom can provide better flight dispersal plans. Anciaux also said the construction of the sports complex will be necessary if Belgium wishes too host the Olympic Games in 2024.

Potatoes soar to record prices

The price of potatoes reached a record high on Monday. Agricultural expert Luc Busschaert has warned that wholesale prices of about 28 euro cents per kilogram could lead to retail prices of euro 70 cents to EUR 1. He said the price of hot chips could increase by 15 to 20 percent, but the national association of chip stall owners rejected the assertion. The high price of potatoes is due partly to the poor harvest brought on by the continued dry weather.

Man hurt, houses damaged in explosion

A house was largely destroyed on Oostende on Tuesday morning. The first floor was destroyed and the house was at threat of collapse. Adjoining houses were also damaged, as were 12 cars. The 48-year-old male resident was severely wounded. The cause of the gas explosion is not yet known, but it is suspected the man tried to commit suicide.

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