Belgian news in brief, 24 July 2006

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Heavy rains lead to flooding damage

Heavy rains lead to flooding damage

Heavy rainfall led to flooding in the Flemish region around Zwevegem on Saturday. The centre of Heestert was the hardest hit as streets flooded. Several homes and businesses were also flooded. No one was injured, but the financial damage is enormous. Authorities are examining whether the damage can be compensated out of the federal government's natural disaster fund. Heavy rainfall was also reported in other regions both in Flanders and Wallonia.

Boy killed by falling fridge

A three-year-old boy died on Sunday morning from injuries he suffered on Thursday when a fridge fell on him in the Media Markt in Gosselies (near Charleroi). The boy, Ewan, was crushed under a 'US-style" fridge inclusive a TV. The unit weighed 130kg. The parents were looking at televisions when they heard the fridge fall on their boy. The boy was still alive, but died later of his injuries. Witnesses said the boy opened the fridge door, at which point it lost its balance. The parents were admitted to hospital suffering from shock.

Homeless need drinking water

Homeless organisations in Brussels have raised alarm about the recent warm weather, warning that the city's homeless can scarcely find drink water. Homeless people can seek assistance from homeless shelters and obtain water from drinking fountains in several. However, their options are still very limited. Federal authorities issues 2,000 water packs to the city homeless last week, but homeless groups are demanding additional measures.
Women demand free toilets

Some 30 women publicly urinated in front of the Ghent city hall on Sunday night in a protest aimed at demanding free women's toilets at the city's Gentse Feesten summer festival. The protest group said if the city can invest in free urinals for men, it can also invest in free toilets for women. The women also said that people who buy a drink in a café should be allowed to go to the toilet there for free. Festival chief Daniël Termont said there were sufficient female toilets in parking garages and on the Belfort. He also said offering for free all of the toilets during the festival would cost EUR 240,000 and was simply too expensive.

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