Belgian news in brief, 23 August 2006

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Military to recruit 85 para-commandos

Military to recruit 85 para-commandos

The Belgian military is to recruit 85 new para-commandos in the autumn. The army currently has a shortage of men in its elite para-commando battalions and soldiers in other regiments will be given the chance to join the elite corps. Flemish jobs agency VDAB will assist in recruiting the extra troops. There are currently sufficient candidates wanting to join the paras, but the majority quit before they have finished the training.

11th escaped detainee arrested

Police re-arrested the 11th escaped prisoner in the Brussels commune of Molenbeek on Wednesday. The man had been jailed for committing dozens of thefts. He was arrested in a telephone job carrying a screw driver and a bunch of keys. He has since been taken to the Vorst jail.

Industry workers world's 5th best paid

Workers in the Belgian manufacturing industry are paid on average EUR 25.64 per hour. Almost seven times the amount in Poland. The cost of labour in Belgian industry is the 5th highest in the world, the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln said. Manufacturing staff in Norway are the most expensive, followed by Denmark, West Germany and Finland.

Public trusts erection pills

Some 4 million erection pills will be sold in Belgium this year. That is 5 percent more than in 2005 and triple the amount five years ago. The Institute for Medical Statistics said the increase was due to the fact the public now trusts the medication. Erection pills are especially popular with men older than 40. But more and more younger males are buying the pill. Urologist said Bo Coolsaet said this is due to the fact that women are becoming more assertive in their demands, increasing performance pressures for young men.

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