Belgian news in brief, 23 August 2005

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Warning on school 30kmh speed limits

Warning on school 30kmh speed limits

Transport Minister Renaat Landuyt is not prepared to provide a transition arrangement for municipalities that are not ready to introduce a 30kmh speed limit zone around schools. Landuyt warned municipalities that if they are not ready by the start of the school year and a speeding motorist hits a school pupil, the municipality will also face legal action. Municipal councils must establish a 30kmh zone around schools by 1 September. However, many councils are expected to miss the deadline, the chairman of the Flemish cities and municipalities association VVSG, Jef Gabriels has indicated.

No anti-bird flu measures in Belgium

Belgian authorities and the European Commission have decided against ordering poultry farmers to keep their birds indoors during the migration period. The Netherlands and Germany have opted to keep birds inside to ward off a possible outbreak of bird flu. The Health Ministry has discussed the spread of the avian virus from Asia to Russia, but has opted against taking preventative measures, Flemish broadcaster VRT reported on Tuesday. The EC also ruled out such a move on Tuesday. The Belgian Farmers Union has demanded measures be taken against bird flu.

Flightcare talks resume in bid to end dispute

Negotiations to resolve the industrial dispute at Zaventem Airport baggage handling firm Flightcare resumed on Tuesday morning at the Employment Ministry in Brussels. The three-day talks this week are to be led by an arbitrator. Discussions were postponed at the end of July for the summer holiday period. The industrial dispute was trigged after Flightcare sacked union official Maria Vindevoghel for safety breaches, but the ACV union countered by saying Flightcare was in breach of safety regulations also. It is hoped the dispute can be resolved by the end of August.
39pc of women have affairs

Some 39 percent of women are having or have had an affair, a survey of 4,000 women by weekly magazine Flair has revealed. A total of 43 percent of respondents said they had been cheated on by their partners. For 49 percent of those surveyed, adultery is reason enough to immediately end a relationship.

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