Belgian news in brief, 21 June 2006

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Paratrooper wins damages over deaths

Paratrooper wins damages over deaths

Paratrooper commander Olivier Pirson will be paid EUR 31,000 in compensation. A commission has ruled he was unjustly arrested on suspicion of murder. Pirson was acquitted on appeal in February 2003 for the murder of two children, aged five and six. The children drowned in a sinking car. Pirson escaped from the car. After three trials and a cassation hearing he was eventually convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Pirson welcomed the commission ruling that he was wrongly arrested for suspicion of murder.

IBM to recruit 160 staff

IBM Belgium is looking to recruit 160 staff. The Belgian branch of the firm already employs about 2,500 people, but is looking to recruit sales staff, business professionals and IT specialists.

Too hot at air conditioning firm

Unions at the air conditioning company Daikin in Oostende are angered that staff are being forced to work in temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius. The management is not prepared to install air conditioning, but instead offered workers an extra five-minute break during warm weather. Unions are demanding the temperature be lowered to 26 degrees.

Free wireless internet in Brussels

Network operator Ozone is to offer all residents of Brussels a free wireless internet connection. The service is completely free, but for a monthly fee of EUR 20, consumers will be given 500mb at their disposal and faster speeds of 4mb / second. To take advantage of the wireless services, users will not need to have an ISP or telephone line.

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