Belgian news in brief, 18 November 2005

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Off-peak electricity in the weekend

Off-peak electricity in the weekend

From 1 January 2007, electricity used at the weekend will be charged at the cheaper off-peak tariff. From that date, the Flemish government said on Friday the off-peak tariff that currently applies between 9pm and 7am will be extended to cover the whole of the weekend. It is hoped the measure will encourage off-peak energy consumption because energy supply during the weekend outstrips demand. Increased off-peak consumption will mean less energy is consumed weekdays.

Mathilde godmother to Dutch princess

Princess Mathilde will be the godmother of Dutch Princess Alexia, the youngest child of Crown Prince Willem- Alexander and Princess Maxima. The christening will take place in Wassenaar in the Netherlands on Saturday. Just like her sister Amalia, Alexia will be christened with water from the Jordan River. The Dutch royal family is Protestant, while Mathilde is Catholic, the same as Maxima. Mathilde is married to Belgian Crown-Prince Filip.

Sperm donor shortage in fertility clinics

Belgium is facing a shortage of sperm donors for fertility treatments due to the increasing amount 'fertility tourism' from neighbouring countries. New legislation in the Netherlands is prompting more Dutch couples to visit Belgian fertility clinics. The new law means sperm donors can no longer remain anonymous. More Germans are crossing the border as well, while a higher number of lesbian couples are seeking donor sperm.

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