Belgian mother chooses DVDs over her children

10th August 2009, Comments 1 comment

A mother of two has been apprehended in Brussels after having left her two daughters, aged nine and thirteen, on their own for days in their apartment in Ixelles while she went and watched DVDs with a friend.

The thirty-four year old woman left her two daughters on Thursday, without any food, reported prosecutors on Sunday. It seems that this is not the first time she has left her daughters to fend for themselves.

After having heard nothing from the mother for a few days, a neighbour called the police, who immediately alerted a children’s court judge. The two girls are now staying with their uncle and aunt. 

The mother has since had a hearing, where she explained that she spent time with a friend in Antwerp watching DVDs for a few days. She justified her behaviour by saying that she wanted to live her own life.

The children’s court has provisionally banned the woman from making any contact with her children. The prosecutors found her guilty of infant abandon, and have demanded her arrest. 

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