Belgian man dead on toilet for five months

13th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

The man’s neighbour decided to call the police after reading an article published last week about a mother and son who had lain dead in their house in Jette five years before their remains were discovered.

Georges Jacqmin, 69, had been dead for five months in his flat in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht when his body was finally identified, having suffered a stroke while he was on the toilet. 

Mrs Vandersmissen, Jacqmin's neighbour, told the caretaker at the block of flats that she hadn’t seen Mr Jacqmin for a while and that she was concerned for his welfare. 

However, the caretaker failed to take any action, so Mrs Vandersmissen spoke to the local community police officer. 

When he rang the doorbell he got no reply, so he gained access to Mr Jacqmin’s flat via the balcony. There was an unbearable smell in the flat and policeman soon found Mr Jacqmin’s decomposing body on the toilet.

The case highlights the social alienation that can be suffered by people living in large blocks of flats. 

The building where Mr Jacqmin died contains 105 flats. 

Postman Willy Steurbaut told Het Nieuwsblad that letterboxes sometimes get full when people go on holiday. “We used to pop in and see people on our rounds, for example to give them a postal order."

"These days this only happens now and again. I would have raised the alarm if I’d have seen reminders for unpaid bills." 

"However, these days a lot of people have standing orders for bills at the bank."

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