Belgian fuel prices at lowest level in months

21st October 2008, Comments 1 comment

The maximum price for a litre of diesel has been set at 1.15 euros.

21 October 2008

The price of diesel and domestic heating oil are down again. The good news comes as international oil prices continue to drop.

The maximum price for a litre of diesel has been set at 1.15 euros. At the end of May, it was almost 1.5 euros. This means over only a five month period, diesel prices have seen a drop of some 25 percent. The same drop applies to price of petrol, which fell last week.

From tomorrow, the price of domestic heating oil will also fall . The maximum price for 1 litre has been set at 0.65 euros. Good news for people filling up their tank before winter.

Oil prices have taken fallen dramatically  on the international markets as a result of a drop in demand due to the economic crisis. OPEC countries have already announced they will lower production to put a stop to falling oil prices.

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  • Roy Martinez posted:

    on 21st October 2008, 11:12:01 - Reply

    Yes this is good news but considering the peak price of diesel was around Euro 1.38 when oil was over $ 140 a barrel the latest max pump price of Euro 1.15 is much too high versus today's oil price of around $ 80.
    The Government needs to take action or are they looking for windfall tax benefits to pay for their Budget deficit. If yes then it is exactly the wrong time view the financial instabilty which is affecting everyone.