Belgian businessman faces five years in Scottish jail

14th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

A Flemish businessman, Frank Schyvens, has admitted charges of assault and two firearms offenses at his trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

On the 2 March this year, Mr Schyvens stormed into his former business partner Michael Kartono’s furniture shop in the West Lothian town of Bo'ness. He produced a revolver and told Mr Kartono's new business partner Stuart Edmonston to turn off the shop’s security cameras. Mr Kartono was not in the shop at the time.

Mr Schyvens then told Edmonston that if Mr Kartono was in the area, he would shoot him straight away.

He ordered Mr Edmonston to drive him to Mr Kartono's home after forcing other members of the shop's staff into the vehicle.

However, Mr Edmonston suddenly spotted a police car in his mirror, stopped and managed to get himself and his secretary out of the car.

Armed officers arrived on the scene and a police dog seized Mr Schyvens after he left the car. He was so badly mauled that he needed three operations. 

“I only want to frighten him," claimed Schryvens.

Mr Schryvens had been getting hate mail written in Dutch and he believed that Mr Kartono was responsible for the letters. 

Judge Lord MacKay of Drumadoon remanded Schyvens in custody and adjourned the case to the High Court in Kilmarnock until the 27 August.

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