Belgian Antarctica base propgressing well

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The Princess Elisabeth research base is being built on a rocky ledge at the foot of the Sor Rondane Mountains in East Antarctica

In Antarctica, the construction of a new Belgian research base is progressing well.
In a rocky ledge at the foot of the Sor Rondane Mountains in East Antarctica, rising like a wooden skeleton, is what will soon become the Princess Elisabeth research base.

Technical problems could cause delays. One of the four snow tractors which are pulling containers from the coast is defective.

The weather is also a problem: last Friday work on the Princess Elisabeth had to be stopped altogether because of a cutting wind.

 (VRT) The Belgian research station is eco-friendly and will run entirely on renewable energy sources.

Its revolutionary design will ensure that it produces no carbon emissions.

Furthermore, 75% of the water used at the base will be recycled.

Belgium's South Pole Research Station is expected to be operational the end of next year.

The station will study climate changes in the South Pole.

Princess Elisabeth

The Belgian Antarctic research base has been named after the oldest daughter of Crown Prince Philip and Princess Mathilda. 

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