Around a hundred asylum seekers evicted

19th November 2008, Comments 0 comments

The squatters were evicted from premises in Ixelles belonging to Electrabel.

19 November 2008

About a hundred asylum seekers were easily evicted from premises in the Brussels neighbourhood of Elsene (Ixelles) where they had been squatting. Last week a judge ruled that the premises were too dangerous for habitation.

A few hundred asylum seekers had been squatting a building that belongs to Electrabel. The electricity company took the issue up with judicial authorities.

Last week a judge ruled that the asylum seekers had to leave the building because of safety concerns.

Following a fire in the building earlier, the fire department had declared it hazardous for habitation.

Tuesday morning the asylum seekers were evicted from building. Most of the aslyum seekers left of their own volition. There were some skirmishes with those who did not want to leave and they began a spontaneous sit-in protest.

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