Albert's and Paola's phone calls monitored by King Boudewijn

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The late King Boudewijn of the Belgians monitored the telephone calls of his brother Albert and Albert's wife Paola.

This was revealed in "Royalty" on the commercial TV station VTM. Apparently, Boudewijn wanted to keep an eye on what his brother and sister-in-law were up to.

Albert's and Paola's phone calls monitored by King Boudewijn

Researchers working for "Royalty" got hold of a document which shows that the telephone lines of the royal family were centralised in Brussels. The system had been installed under the reign of King Leopold III, but was used in the 60ies by Boudewijn to monitor who received telephone calls from whom, and to block certain calls if needed.

"In this way, Boudewijn decided which phone calls made by friends of Paola, but also phone calls for Albert, could be put through", explains historian Mark Van den Wijngaert (photo). In these days, the marriage between Albert and Paola was on the verge of being finished. Both went their own way in life, and the marriage in fact only existed on paper. However, Boudewijn looked at Albert as a potential successor - which he would also become in 1993, red. - and that implied "a certain code of conduct."

Mark Van den Wijngaert describes the monitoring of the telephone calls as "a desperate move by King Boudewijn to save the marriage". Paola knew that some calls were being intercepted, but could do nothing about it. "The day that Albert and Paola made the formal choice that their future was together, was a very happy day for Boudewijn."

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