Adam G. sentenced to 20 years

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The Polish teenager who killed Joe Van Holsbeeck while trying to steal his mp3 player has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

24 September 2008

BRUSSELS -- The Assize court in Brussels has sentenced Polish teenager Adam G. to 20 years in prison on Tuesday evening for robbing Joe van Holsbeeck of his mp3 player and killing him.

The Jury members found Adam G. not guilty of murder on Tuesday morning as his intentions were not to kill Van Holsbeeck but to steal from him.

On 12 April 2006, Adam G. and Mariusz O. attacked two youths at Brussels Central station in an attempt to rob them. One of the young men, Van Holsbeeck, died immediately on the spot of multiple wounds.

Adam G. was expected to serve his sentence in Poland, his home country where he will serve at least half of his sentence in prison. This means that he could be freed within ten years.

If Adam G. serves his sentence in Belgium he could be out of jail serving a third of the sentence.  He has now indicated that he would prefer to serve his sentence in Belgium.

His lawyers now intend to take the matter up with the judicial authorities.

The court stressed the severity of the crime, but also took attenuating circumstances into account: his age, the fact that he comes from a different culture and that he has now expressed his regret.

Earlier in the day, Van Holsbeeck's parents voiced their disappointment at the verdict. They added that they hoped Adam G. would be put away for long enough so that the safety of other people is not endangered.

Adam G.'s lawyer was satisfied with the sentence. He said it was a severe one, but that it took account of the cruelty and aggression of the acts.

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