"A Lidl less conversation, a Lidl more action please"

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Discount store Lidl might regret a marketing stunt on Twitter.

Lidl promised to give away 5 Christmas meals for every Twitter message that included the hashtag "luxevooriedereen" (luxury for everyone) but had to stop the initiative early.

The intention was good: with the Christmas days coming up, Lidl promised to donate a meal worth 20 euros to the food banks for the poor, every time a Twitter message was posted containing the hashtag "luxevooriedereen". This was part of a marketing stunt, as it is exactly the same slogan that the discount chain is using in adverts nowadays, with the busy shopping days coming up.

Lidl had spread the message through Twitter, addressing some people working in the different media. The aim was to have them distribute some parcels later on to catch some media attention.

The action started yesterday and was initially due to continue until Christmas Eve, but had to be stopped early, after only 24 hours. At 8 a.m. this morning, the initiative was stopped "due to its overwhelming success".

At 8 a.m. this morning, the total number of tweets had climbed to more than 1,500, representing over 7,500 food parcels. Lidl spokesman Pieterjan Rynwalt: "Because we are very happy with the outcome of the action, we will make a gesture and donate 10,000 meals." This will cost Lidl some 200,000 euros. However, the big media exposure will probably make up for this.

Those using Twitter didn't miss the opportunity to highlight Lidl's naïveté, as the discount store had clearly underestimated Twitter users. "A Lidl less conversation, a Lidl more action please... #luxevooriedereen # lidl", Geert Spiessens tweeted. "A Lidl bit naive", Bart Aerts estimated.

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