9 dead in Amsterdam plane crash

25th February 2009, Comments 1 comment

Nine people were killed and more than 25 seriously injured when a Turkish Airlines plane crashed near Schiphol airport Wednesday morning.

AMSTERDAM – Nine people were killed and more than 25 seriously injured when a Turkish Airlines plane crashed Wednesday morning while attempting to land at an airport near Amsterdam, a Dutch official said.

"At this moment, there is according to our information nine deaths and more than 50 injured," mayor Michel Bezuijen of the Haarlemmermeer municipality, under which the Schiphol Airport falls, told a press conference.

The victims were among passengers hospitalised with injuries. About 50 people were injured, among 25 who were seriously injured.

"Of the 50 people injured, 25 were seriously injured," said Bezuijen. "They include crew."

The official said 56 foreigners and 78 Turkish nationals were on board the aircraft.

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  • EditorES posted:

    on 25th February 2009, 15:12:54 - Reply

    In Expatica's International News discussion forums, a photo of the plane crash posted by a forum member and earlier conflicting news reports led to a flurry of comments from our readers.

    In one of the earlier postings, forum member Osita said: “NOS is saying 0 dead, 20 wounded, 50 walked away from it, 64 unaccounted for.”

    As more details of the crash were revealed by the media, other readers started to doubt initial reports of zero causality in the crash.

    In his posting, The_Purple_Cow said: “If you looked at the video on the BBC homepage you could clearly see a body being taken away on a stretcher, so it was a little ridiculous for the airline spokesperson to say there were no fatalities.”

    In her last posting, Osita said: “Sadly, the emergency services can't get to the aircraft, and the bodybags have been flashed all over the news as they lie next to the plane. Following the news conference, there are nine reported dead.”

    To read more comments by readers, please go to http://forum.expatica.com/Plane-crashes-landing-Amsterdam-t109793.html