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Address: Boulevard Louis Mettewie laan 74/76, 1080 Brussels

Tel: +32 02 44 44 700

Working in Belgium generally means you have to subscribe with Belgium's social security.This registration gives you access to healthcare reimbursements (hospital, doctor, pharmacist) or indemnities when you are unable to work (long-term illness, childbirth, etc.)
Thanks to Partena Business & Expats, dealing with healthcare has never been so easy ! Contact us for any questions or interest about healthcare in Belgium.
VIP service
  • competitive benefits and insurance cover
  • fast and efficient processing of your reimbursements
  • a VIP and multilingual contact at your workplace
  • expertise in international agreements and expatriate employees
  • Compulsory state insurance
  • Specific refunds and health services
  • Hospitalisation insurance
  • Dental insurance

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Address: Boulevard L. Mettewie, 260/Bte 19, 1080 Brussels

We have selected a wide range of health care insurances that match your family and professional profile. Whether you are a civil servant, diplomat, detached, independent, student or individual, we have several health care protections to offer.  We have selected health care insurance partners present on the 5 continents and offering tailored guarantees.  When we have selected our insurance partners, we have paid close attention to the relationship between the services provided and a competitive rate. | View website | View on map

Expat & Co

Address: Noordkustlaan 12 , 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

Expat & Co International Mobility Insurance we specialise in developing tailor-made insurance solutions that offer you and your family the very best in health care, travel insurance, life insurance, personal protection and more.  As the insurer of choice for expats, international commuters and international students we are the only independent provider of this type of flexible, made-to-measure insurance solution. Our products are designed to travel with you, wherever you go. | View website | View on map

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