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RentMore Brussels


Address: Kerselarenlaan 15, 1030 Brussels

Tel: 3223055555
Fax: 3223055555

When looking for a high quality accommodation, RentMore stands for a large offering of furnished and unfurnished apartments in Brussels and Antwerp. Specialised in assisting Expats and Eurocrats, who can appreciate quality.

Choose our impeccable service and keep your head free for other things. 

RentMore takes care of all the hassle, and leaves all the enjoyment for you.
From utility connections to VIP packages and special deals in the area, you don’t have to worry about anything.

RentMore is “So much more than an easy Solution” 

Noticeably better apartments
Proffesional Team
New Buildings
Energy efficient apartments
Contemporary high end furnishings
Spacious underground parking garages
Utilities included in the price
Secure Access Residences

RentMore is one contact person, one telephone number, one invoice. Seven days a week, around the clock.

With 20 years of experience in furnished rentals to International institutions, Companies with European HQ’s and Expats. Our team works professionally and with the utmost flexibility. With a quick “tour d’horizon”, we put you on track to the right choice and the ideal location. We help settle so you can discover and enjoy Brussels.


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