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Antwerp Business Community


Address: , Antwerp
Tel: +32 3 501 06 71

Antwerp Business Community was formed to provide a professional networking channel, promote professional interactions, collaboration and performance improvements to a target audience ranging from university students to professionals from a diverse background.

Today, more than simple analytical frameworks are needed in order to succeed in industries characterised by rapid changes in techniques and used methodologies. Hence the reason we created an approach to cope with never-ending and challenging, rapid changes happening in the world. We work tirelessly to learn the ‘know-how’ to develop and deliver highly calibrated, data-driven strategies, built on large-sample learning and behavioural insights.

We understand the ramifications of continuous change and share our knowledge and skills to our members in order for them to continue learning, adapting and growing in their sector.

Our team is young, energetic and truly international and is composed of professionals with years of collective experience across different sectors in the market. Based in Antwerp, we aim to deliver to our members and the community the best possible experience, knowledge and self-improvement methods in every event we organise. | View website | View on map

International Women's Contact Antwerp


Address: P.O. Box 72, 2930 Brasschaat | View on map

TV and Radio for Expats in Belgium

Address: , Leuven
Tel: + 32 485 38 74 02 | View website | View on map

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