BNP Paribas Fortis


Tel: +32 (0) 24334100

BNP Paribas Fortis offers a comprehensive network of specialised branches for expats, with extended opening hours. Our specialist multilingual advisers are happy to answer all your questions whenever it suits you best.

As an expat it is important to manage your banking, insurance and investments wherever and whenever you want. Our comprehensive range of remote channels allows you to access your accounts at any time.

You are abroad and need to solve a banking problem? You are sure to find a branch nearby. Have you decided to leave Belgium permanently? Then one of our branches will assist you with the transfer of your banking products. | View website | View on map

KBC Brussels


Address: Rue de la Science, 23, 1040 Brussels

Tel: +32-3033160

A heart for Brussels

Brussels is a marvellous capital. Multicultural, welcoming and vibrant, with a lively commercial centre. Brussels is a village, a city, a metropolis and a European capital all at once, which means it has a rare diversity. Until now, no single bank-insurance institution has offered an approach tailored specifically to these unique circumstances in Brussels.

KBC Brussels wants to become the financial partner for everybody who lives or works in Brussels and brings the city to life. We want to help our current and future clients with their personal and professional plans by providing solutions that are tailored to housing, mobility and enterprises in Brussels.

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The Fry Group


Address: Avenue de Tervurenlaan 168, BTE 14, 1150 Brussels

Tel: 32 (0) 2639 4560

The Fry Group was founded in 1898 and originally helped British expatriates living overseas to recover UK tax.

We have created a strong presence in Belgium over the years, strengthened by the acquisition of local firm Fulcra International Financial Planning which has been operating in Brussels for over 21 years. At the heart of our work is tax-led financial advice to provide the right support to expatriates in Belgium.

Our team of helpful experts can help make all aspects of dealing with your finances simple, straightforward and effective, specialising in:

> Pensions and retirement planning including QROPS, SIPPS and Belgian Pensions

> Investments and wealth management

> Tax planning, especially for those with UK property

Whether you would like to make the most of being outside the UK tax net or would like to set up a valid UK Will, our professional experts would be delighted to assist you. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your finances are not only in order, but working to your advantage. | View website | View on map

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