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Ace of Brussels


Address: Drève du Prieuré 19, 1160 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 420 02 04

A family-centred, international, English speaking school community in Brussels, Belgium.

We develop character as well as academics. 

We are a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education, part of the University of Cambridge. Through Cambridge International’s programme we prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.

The Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success. We shape its curriculum around how our students learn – with a wide range of subjects and exible ways to offer them. The Cambridge Pathway helps students discover new abilities and a wider world, and gives them the skills they need for life, so they can achieve at school, university and work. | View website | View on map

Agnès School Brussels bilingual school


Address: Rue Louis Hap 143, B-1040 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 736 13 86

Agnes School is an independent day school offering an all-round education within a Catholic framework to girls and boys aged between 2-11 years. The Catholic ethos influences all aspects of school life and is underpinned by the Charter of Educational Principles which emphasises the important role that parents play as the primary educators of their children.

Agnes School is located in the heart of Brussels. Agnes School acquired the property in January 2007. The school has large, airy classrooms. There is a large playground, two play apparatus areas (one for the school and one for the nursery). The school makes use of municipal grounds for Primary lessons. | View website | View on map

Antwerp International School


Address: Veltwijcklaan 180, 2180 Antwerp -Ekeren

Tel: +32 (0) 3 543 93 00

Our Vision

We challenge, support and empower our students to excel across the entire spectrum of academic fields. We foster emotional and social well-being through a wide range of athletic, artistic and social learning opportunities.


Located in the leafy suburbs north of Antwerp, the AIS campus features a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a 350-seat theatre, numerous well-equipped laboratories and so much more.


As an IB World School, we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary and Middle Years Programmes, as well as the IB Diploma. | View website | View on map

BEPS International School


Address: 23 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels Brussels

Tel: +32 (0)2 648 4311

BEPS International School is committed to providing high quality education and developing a love of learning in our children. They are encouraged to become confident, independent learners and global citizens.

Our friendly and welcoming community offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment, in which pupils are challenged to reach their full potential.

We are proud to achieve this by:

  • Providing English language immersion
  • Following the International Primary Curriculum
  • Providing a wide range of learning opportunities to develop transferrable skills
  • Developing creative and reflective learners
  • Engaging with digital technology to support learning
  • Valuing and celebrating our school’s diversity
  • Promoting a healthy and well balanced life style
  • Building a close partnership between parents and school which promotes regular and open communication
  • Offering class sizes that support differentiation and individual needs

BEPS Learning Definition

“When we are learning at BEPS we are engaged in a range of experiences to develop our knowledge, skills and understandings.

Reflecting on these enables us to build our confidence to become independent learners for life.” | View website | View on map

British School of Brussels


Address: Pater Dupierreuxlaan 1, 3080 Tervuren

Tel: +32 (0) 2 766 0430

The British School of Brussels (BSB) is an inclusive, international learning community for children ages 1-18. BSB has 1,350 students from approximately 70 nations and is made up of two Schools: primary ages 1-11 and secondary, ages 11-18 years. English is the main language of tuition, with options available to follow a bilingual French/English programme established for children of 4–14 years old.

At BSB all children, including our younger students, benefit from an outstanding choice of Enrichment activities, events and field study trips to extend and enhance their learning outside of the classroom.  We strive for every child to feel respected and cared for from day one with our well-embedded pastoral care. We are proud of the strong sense of family atmosphere in our school.

Primary School

Our Primary School has the warm atmosphere of a small school with the resources of a large school. Primary School has its own unique spaces.  We have two dedicated outdoor playgrounds, full-equipped gym and two libraries exclusively for our Primary school children, whilst they also benefit from the whole school facilities like the pool and theatre.

Secondary School

We are also unique in Belgium in offering three pre-university routes: A Levels, the International Baccalaureate (IB) and BTEC.

Our record in public examinations is impressive, in 2017, we had 100% pass rate in IB and BTEC, and 99% pass rate at A Level.

Our Facilities

Our beautiful green campus is located just outside of Brussels. We have an indoor 25m swimming pool, gymnasium, dance studio, fitness suite and multi-purpose sports hall, as well as two outdoors sports pitches, three libraries, a theatre as well as numerous science and art laboratories.

Call us for a school tour and find out why we are so special. | View website | View on map

European School Mol


Address: Europawijk 100, B-2400, Mol West Drayton UK
Tel: +32 (0)14 56 31 01
Fax: +32 (0)14 56 31 04

The European School in Mol provides a multilingual and international education. Catering for ages 3 - 18, the school offers a nursery, primary and secondary cycle. Pupils come from Europe and beyond, with more than 50 nationalities united at the school. From the age of 3 all children receive tuition in the language of their section (English, Dutch, French or German). By the age of 6 children already start to learn a second language. By the end of their secondary studies, pupils will have had the opportunity to study up to 5 languages, mainly taught by native speakers. Pupils successfully completing the European Baccalaureate examinations receive this certificate which is renowned worldwide. | View website | View on map

International Montessori ‘Hof ten Berg'


Address: , Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Tel: 02-669 90 80

International Montessori ‘Hof ten Berg’ offers a unique and positive learning environment for children aged two to nine. This new location is housed in a historical building that is completely renovated with the needs of the child in mind. It offers workrooms, a music room, quiet room, playgrounds and gardens.  The Primary classroom offers the integrated Montessori curriculum in a bilingual set up. Children of this age love to know why, when and how and this spirit of learning is kept alive! When children are ready for the  Secondary section they move to International Montessori ‘Hof Kleinenberg’, which is only 500 metres up the hill. This location caters to students up to age 19 and includes the International Baccalaureate section. 'Hof ten Berg' offers an extended day solution to parents who work full time with hours up to 18:30. | View website | View on map

International Montessori ‘Savoorke'


Address: , Tervuren

Tel: 02-767 02 76

International Montessori ‘Savoorke’ caters to children from when they can walk to six years in a beautifully renovated 200-year-old farmhouse with gardens and play area. The teachers create a relaxed, familiar, child-friendly atmosphere and treat each child with respect and dignity. It is not the schedule that guides the day, but the children’s needs. Parent information sessions are held regularly in the Parent Café, which also houses the parent library with books related to all aspects of child rearing. Ten-week parent-infant classes are offered. | View website | View on map

International Montessori School Tervuren


Address: , Tervuren

Tel: 02-767 63 60

International Montessori School offers a multilingual curriculum to Preschool and Primary aged children. Young children are in an attractive and stimulating environment helping develop independence and self-esteem and laying the academic foundations in all subjects. All classes are fully bilingual English-French with a low child-to- teacher ratio. Knowledge is developed and used in skill-based learning. Children become creative and innovative. The integrated curriculum assists them to learn to look at concepts from different points of view, with the aim of becoming flexible, adaptive and responsible citizens. | View website | View on map

International Montessori School Wezembeek-Oppem


Address: , Wezembeek-Oppem

Tel: 02-782 12 36

International Montessori Wezembeek-Oppem offers a bright, open and purpose-built environment to preschool children. It comprises two classes, gym room and playground in a quiet cul-de-sac. The school is staffed by an international group of teachers offering English and French at all times; children live and work in both languages. Activities in rich classrooms stimulate interest, concentration and motivation. Music is included daily and children can learn the violin and piano. Graduating students continue their studies at the primary section in the International Montessori School in Tervuren. Door to door school bus service available. | View website | View on map

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