Vlamingen in de Wereld

Address: Koning Albert II-laan 37 9e verdieping , 1030 Brussels

Detailed Info:

The foundation Flemings in the World (VIW) is an interest group set up for fellow countrymen who want to live or already live, work or stay abroad. VIW keeps in contact with thousands of expatriated Flemings through its worldwide and active network. The foundation offers its users a personal service and functions as their mouthpiece. Its existence is based on the philosophy which states that a community has a responsibility towards the members who have exceeded national borders. During the past decades, the foundation has grown out to be the symbol which safeguards and strengthens the mutual ties between Flanders, its emigrants and its expatriated countrymen.

Email: koen.vanderschaeghe@viw.be | View website | View on map

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