Group S


Address: Avenue Fonsny, 40, 1060 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 50 71 880

Detailed Info:

Group S is a single point of contact for all the creation of business in Belgium: if you want to become self employed or set up a company, all legal obligations related to doing business in Belgium will be explained and fulfilled by us ensuring you have a fluent and correct start-up of your activities. At the end of the process, we will grant you a company number (registration to the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises). 

Group S is a social Security Insurance for the Self-Employed: when being self-employed in Belgium, you need to register with a Social insurance provider for self-employed and companies. Group S offers you that possibility in-house. You will calculate your social security contributions. The payment of these contributions give you a right to receive child benefit allowances, pension, social insurance in case of bankruptcy and give you access to legal sickness and invalidity benefits. 

Group S is a External Payroll Office: whatever the size of your business, HR management is a complex issue. An error in implementation of social legislation can cost your business greatly. So most employers entrust administration of salaries to an authorized external payroll office. Your personal payroll manager, who is your first point of contact, keeps a carful watch and provides you with day-to-day advice. He calculates wages and social contributions correctly, ensuring you full compliance with social legislation.

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