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Antwerp Business Community


Address: , Antwerp
Tel: +32 3 501 06 71

Antwerp Business Community was formed to provide a professional networking channel, promote professional interactions, collaboration and performance improvements to a target audience ranging from university students to professionals from a diverse background.

Today, more than simple analytical frameworks are needed in order to succeed in industries characterised by rapid changes in techniques and used methodologies. Hence the reason we created an approach to cope with never-ending and challenging, rapid changes happening in the world. We work tirelessly to learn the ‘know-how’ to develop and deliver highly calibrated, data-driven strategies, built on large-sample learning and behavioural insights.

We understand the ramifications of continuous change and share our knowledge and skills to our members in order for them to continue learning, adapting and growing in their sector.

Our team is young, energetic and truly international and is composed of professionals with years of collective experience across different sectors in the market. Based in Antwerp, we aim to deliver to our members and the community the best possible experience, knowledge and self-improvement methods in every event we organise. | View website | View on map

Be Welcome


Address: Reepkenslei 52,, 2550 Kontich
Tel: + 32 3 449 56 98

Be Welcome stands for Expatriate Care with a personal touch. We are glad to guide you through all the steps of relocation with a focus on efficiency and personal involvement. We offer a full range of Relocation and Expatriate Services covering all regions in Belgium and worldwide, including work permits, visa, immigration services, housing, schooling, settling in...

Above all our Cultural Training will enhance the full integration of the expat and his family in Belgium.

Be Welcome has offices in Kontich, Antwerp and Brussels. | View website | View on map

Group S


Address: Avenue Fonsny, 40, 1060 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 50 71 880

Group S is a single point of contact for all the creation of business in Belgium: if you want to become self employed or set up a company, all legal obligations related to doing business in Belgium will be explained and fulfilled by us ensuring you have a fluent and correct start-up of your activities. At the end of the process, we will grant you a company number (registration to the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises). 

Group S is a social Security Insurance for the Self-Employed: when being self-employed in Belgium, you need to register with a Social insurance provider for self-employed and companies. Group S offers you that possibility in-house. You will calculate your social security contributions. The payment of these contributions give you a right to receive child benefit allowances, pension, social insurance in case of bankruptcy and give you access to legal sickness and invalidity benefits. 

Group S is a External Payroll Office: whatever the size of your business, HR management is a complex issue. An error in implementation of social legislation can cost your business greatly. So most employers entrust administration of salaries to an authorised external payroll office. Your personal payroll manager, who is your first point of contact, keeps a carful watch and provides you with day-to-day advice. He calculates wages and social contributions correctly, ensuring you full compliance with social legislation. | View website | View on map

GMFC Cleaning & Facility Services

Address: , Brussels

Gmfc  delivers exceptional cleaning results for the clients that hire us. Our unique services include strategizing and problem solving for our clients in order to provide a specialized and tailored service based on each client’s specific needs. 

We also provide building works; structural works and finishes, painting, coating of walls and floors, insulation, walls, suspended ceilings, false floors, general woodwork and wooden roofs, plastering, wallpapering, roughcast, tread and tiling, maintenance of green spaces, waste sorting and management, electrical works and plumbing works. | View website | View on map

Illus Communications

Address: , Antwerp

Much as I enjoyed my studies, the moment my final collection came strutting down the runway, I knew fashion design wasn’t for me.  Jobs in PR, communications, event management, corporate fundraising, even celebrity management, would follow in London, South Africa and Antwerp. An exciting and winding journey of self discovery that would lead to me finding my calling as a copywriter and corporate communications specialist.

More importantly perhaps, thanks to this extensive experience on both ‘sides of the fence’ I am quickly and accurately able to distill your unique brand values into a line of communication that resonates with your target audience.  The difference between what the company wants to tell and what the customer wants to hear might surprise you. After all, we are all passionate about what we do.  It’s successfully bringing your story to market that poses the challenge. | View website | View on map

Net Expat

Address: , Brussels

For mobile employees, preparing for an international move means much more than learning about the history of the host country and remembering a few "do's and don'ts." Transferees will face a diverse and unexpected set of challenges linked to his or her new job and  the new business environment, and the impact of the move on his or her family. Our Expat Coaching offers a unique space for addressing the assignee's hopes and fears in order to ultimately improve the readiness and self-confidence of your future mobile employees. | View website | View on map

Vlamingen in de Wereld

Address: , Brussels

The foundation Flemings in the World (VIW) is an interest group set up for fellow countrymen who want to live or already live, work or stay abroad. VIW keeps in contact with thousands of expatriated Flemings through its worldwide and active network. The foundation offers its users a personal service and functions as their mouthpiece. Its existence is based on the philosophy which states that a community has a responsibility towards the members who have exceeded national borders. During the past decades, the foundation has grown out to be the symbol which safeguards and strengthens the mutual ties between Flanders, its emigrants and its expatriated countrymen. | View website | View on map

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