On the road again

On the road again

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What is it that makes you want to move house or (even) abroad; to pack your bags and set yourself up someplace else?

What is it that makes you want to move house or (even) abroad; to pack your bags and set yourself up someplace else?

Is it simply a wish - or perhaps a need - to change or is it the desire to move 'up' in the world, to seek greener pastures? Is there a natural migratory instinct? Is it love?

Or maybe many of us have a modern-day affliction of never being satisfied?

Or is an eternal dissatisfaction with what we already have - a common human affliction found throughout the centuries?

Whatever the answers might be, I found myself contemplating these questions as I worked on laying a laminate floor at my sister-in-law's newly-built house over the weekend.

This house will be her fourth in the six years I've known her.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.

In fact, I seriously like doing the types of jobs I did on Saturday: there is certain hands-on, uncomplicated and physical feel to it that is quite relaxing after sitting an entire week at my desk and computer.

I also like lending a hand and was returning a favour after my brother-in-law helped with the renovations to my home last year.

But this third move and fourth house has certainly got the extended family talking.

First, my wife's sister and husband moved from the town we live in to a village of a few thousand for 'country living' and then back again to the home town they had wanted to leave. The coming of an adopted child was the reason for the move back.

And now they're on the move again: this time to the city.

And I am backing them all the way: they've found a beautiful home with plenty of light, a great playground for their two daughters and a safe, 'small-city-feel' district to call home.

Always community-minded, they are also taking on a foster child.

But it is also another upheavel in their life and a move that has inspired jokes about whether I really should be putting in such a nice floor for them, given the chance they might move again in a couple of years time (judging purely on their track record!)

However, I tend to think their move - and the moves of many other people - are symptomatic of a globalised world: while expats are on the move around the globe, families are also on the move in their country of choice.

We can live and work where we want, commute if we wish, relocate at will and still find time to call a place 'home'.

We move because it's all possible - we lead a lifestyle of choice and is this not one of the wonders of what we, as a society, have achieved?

And who's to say we shouldn't taste all that's on offer?

Aaron Gray-Block / Expatica 

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