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Cheers in other languages

How to say ‘cheers’ in 50 other languages

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When you can say cheers in other languages, you'll quickly make friends no matter where you go. Here's how to say cheers in 50 other languages.

Reasons to visit Brussels

22 things I love about Brussels


The terrorist attacks on 22 March last year were horrific but there is still plenty of reasons to visit Brussels. Here are 22 things to love about Brussels.

Paris Brussels

Paris vs. Brussels: a knockout?


City of Lights or chocolate? A Parisian trip gets Emily Miller thinking about its ties to, and fundamental differences from, her first European love of Brussels – but does Paris even compare?

Belgium dating

A guide to dating Belgian women and Belgian men


Before you jump into the Belgian dating game, understanding Belgian women and Belgian men can do wonders for your love life. Here are some tips to dating in Belgium.

History of Valentine's Day

The tragic, unromantic history of Valentine’s Day


The true meaning of Valentine's Day takes a different light when you learn the history of Valentine's Day. Who was St Valentine anyhow? Here we look at Valentine's Day around the world.

Cool French words and Dutch words we need in English


There are some emotions that only these cool French words or Dutch words can adequately describe.

Belgafiles: Facts and misconceptions about Belgian chocolate


Belgian chocolate lovers rejoice – it's all good news. Paul Morris discovers and debunks myths about chocolate in Belgium.

Belgian chocolate brands

Not just any old Belgian chocolate brands


Is Belgian chocolate really better? As a chocolate aficionado, an expat blogger admits her taste buds have become more refined since being exposed to the best Belgian chocolate.

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions only expats will understand


As an expat New Year's resolutions are more about memorising foreign irregular verbs or visiting that landmark you keep putting off, rather than slimming down or saving.


Who's that with Santa? An introduction to Black Peter


St Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and his helper Black Peter (Zwarte Piet or Père Fouettard) are the source of some controversy – who's that Black Piet giving out the gifts at Christmas time?

Belgian Christmas

Curious Meredith: Preparing a Belgian Christmas feast


Explore some of the tastiest traditional Belgian foods and ingredients and learn how to prepare a Christmas full of Belgian cheer.

Belgian Christmas

How Belgians celebrate the holidays


Like the three official languages in Belgium, holiday traditions vary by region. Here is our overview of the festive season – Belgian style.

Cosy restaurants in Brussels

Bubble and Chic: Cosy restaurants in Brussels


As relaxing as cosy nights at home can be, it's even better when someone else cooks. Faye Cardwell picks her favourite restaurants in Brussels for a cosy or romantic night out.

Best places to live

The best places to live in the world – for your personality?


Time to get out? Follow this guide to find the best place to live in the world for your personality and manners – the best places to live where you'd feel right at home.

Zwarte Piet debate

Can I be a good mother and still accept Zwarte Piet?


If children survived the loss of golliwog figures, how about Zwarte Piet? Expat Ellen Duckenfield discusses if she can still be a good mother and accept her child's love of Zwarte Piet.

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